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Resume and Curriculum Vitae. Know the difference.

May 28, 2019

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3 basic ways we use language

January 4, 2019


We use language in 3 primary ways: Labeling, interaction and transmission. 

*  Labeling is what we do when we name something.  For instance, successful might mean a large          house, large bank account and a Mercedes Benz.  Once we name what successful is to us, we                make sure it defines our view of a words characteristic or meaning. 


*  Interaction focuses on sharing the ideas and emotions of communication.  Interaction gives us the      ability to identify sadness, sympathy, anger and confusion, etc.  For example, if a person is listing        the reasons why a plan or business doesn't work, through interaction, we can identify,                            disappointment and communicate words of understanding or solutions.


*  Transmission is another way we use language.  Researchers argue that transmission of language        is one of  the most important ways to use language.  From the top of the morning to the end of          the night,  how we transmit language connects our present to our past and our future.  That being      said,  future generations may be able to learn and discern from older generations who have gone        on; ideas, accomplishments, failures, traditions and plans.  Much of our current knowledge is                gleaned  from long accepted transmitted facts and concepts handed down from generation to            generation.  

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