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The thirst is real

Being a woman is a beautiful thing and it can be complicated. The desire to be a good person, a good mother, and a good wife, etc., are truly aspirational. Those aspirations can be seriously challenged or even deterred if a woman commits to the wrong man at any point in her life. Many women have a story to tell about wanting to be loved. Those stories have changed into just wanting a man. It's a term some call being "thirsty." Is a thirsty woman ever looking for the right man or just a man? The right man is one who will love, cherish and honor you. The wrong man will bring shame and embarrassment into your life. There are many good men in this world and many more who are not good. When evaluating whether or not to go into a relationship,

Do the following:

1. Trust your intuition.

2. Believe your eyes and ears.

3. Observe his life.

4. Observe his friends.

5. Observe yourself.

If your desire aka thirst, is driving you into the arms of any man just as long as he's a man, stop and think. As good as it seems in the beginning, it will bring nothing but sorrow in the end. Chose wisdom over thirst. Wisdom will save you tears. Thirst will cause them.

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