About June Rochelle Media

Anyone who knows June Rochelle, understands three things; she is passionate about what she does, a champion for the less fortunate, and has an eye for successful, quality media marketing strategies that connect with viewers.   
Who She is:  A woman of faith, family and influence, who is willing to take risks, and use creativity and technology, to assist clients in reaching their dreams.
What her company can do and has done for her clients: Career management and development, C-suite corporate communication,  career mapping, focus messaging, branding, crisis management, conflict resolution, strategic public relations, community affairs, broadcast network operations, human resource management, business management, mentoring, life coaching, mass media and social media marketing, product endorsement pairing, entertainment agency representation and booking.
What types of consultation she provides: Helping  clients understand the benefits of using professional, well planned media tactics that promote their brand, build and extend  positive public experiences and relationships, addressing crisis situations (internal and external) that effect public perception and demonstrating the benefits of investing in a long term media plan, for every phase of growth and career longevity.  

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