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"Since I can first remember, I have always been a creative person.  From writing songs and poetry to designing small architectural models, designing clothes, drawing cartoons, and producing media projects that would air on local and national television, using creative works helped me to illustrate stories I wanted to tell. I am blessed to have the ability to use all my gifts, which enable me to have a "perpetual purpose" in creating space for others to do the same. 

June Rochelle is an experienced Strategic Public Relations Thought Leader.  She is the go-to person for visionaries with media aspirations.  Her resume spans 20 years in national and local media markets.  Her approach is practical, facilitating audience-centered engagement, guided by solid relationship building, the core substance of project momentum. 


June is also the CEO of Good Deeds People Organization which unites volunteers who help at-risk families and children.  Google "June Rochelle" for more information.

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